February 17, 2019

Captain America Party

We are big Marvel fans, and lucky that the movies always seem to release near my two youngest son's birthdays! Movie parties are great for teens because it's not as hard to keep track of a group of kids at that age. And even if friends have already seen the movie, they most likely won't mind seeing an action-packed hero movie again!

I searched for movie poster images on the internet for images for the invites, especially the famous shield icon that so many other elements of our party were based on. Under the text details I used a photo with texture to age the background and used metallic colors for the text.

Captain America's shield was the inspiration for the party food. I made a fruit tray with strawberries, blackberries and bananas on a round tray from the dollar store. The fruit dip was placed in a glass star dish also from Dollar Tree. Here's a link to the recipe for the yummy fruit dip!

The pizzas were on a homemade crust with cheese and rings of pepperoni and a center of sliced olives. I used a star shaped cookie cutter to cut a slice of white cheese for the center.
I kept the decor simple since we weren't going to be home longer than just to eat. So in April I pulled out a bit of my red, white and blue 4th of July items for a centerpiece.

I used a red velvet cake mix for the two red layers and a white cake mix divided for one white layer and one blue layer tinted with food coloring. After a base coat of the white icing I use different plates, lids and a star cookie cutter to make lines on the top of the cake before I filled in with a star tip in a piping bag. I used our favorite Duncan Heinz cream cheese canned icing so the white wasn't a bright white, but it tasted great!
I love the fact that this was a theme party, but without a lot of expense or fuss. By just using three colors and the shield for inspiration it all tied together to make a fun party for a new teen!

Oh, and Captain America is my favorite Marvel hero, so I really enjoyed this party too. ;)

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