February 13, 2013

Perry and Lego Head Valentine's Boxes

More Valentine's boxes finished, so though we would share them.

My 6th grader's box is Perry the Platapus from the Disney show Phineas and Ferb, which we all happen to love!  We love it so much, in fact, that we named our kitten Peri the Catapus after Secret Agent P.
Supplies: Shoe box, blue paper (I bought a sheet of Canson paper at Hobby Lobby), orange cardstock, orange marker, toilet paper roll, black and white cardstock scraps, glue, and tape.
It's pretty self-explanatory, but we used 1 toilet paper roll cut in 4 pieces, rolled tighter and covered in blue paper for the legs.  Oval and circle paper punches were used for the eyes (but you could just cut some out), and based the bill and tail on a free printable we saw here on Family Fun's website. We outlined the orange with a darker orange marker.  Pretty simple after we saw a pattern for the bill, and we think he is totally "AAAHHH"  worthy!

The Lego Man Head idea was in no way an original idea.  We saw some on Pinterest and my Lego loving 4th grader was all for it.  Especially since we had to buy a 5.5 lb. container of Red Vines licorice!

After washing the container and peeling off the label the best we could, my husband spray painted it with Rustoleum Gloss Sun Yellow spray paint.  We let it dry overnight then my son punched out some eyes and drew a mouth on black cardstock and glued them on.  The quickest Valentine's box ever!  We were going to cut a slit in the lid, but decided it might leave sharp edges on the plastic.  So they can just open the lid to drop them in.

You can find Red Vines here!

Hope this inspires you with your Valentine's Box headaches fun!

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