June 4, 2012

Angry Birds Party

As you can guess, my inspiration for this party came from the Angry Birds game.  I had it on my iPod, but it was too small to play well.  It wasn't until I played it on my computer on Google Chrome that I really got hooked.  This party was a great excuse to play it too - I was doing research!  That really is true though.  I needed to know what the characters and items did, and the best way to find out was to play.

I do need to add, that my son Evan, who the party was actually for (they are all kind of for me though :) is also a big Angry Birds fan.  It's a favorite for him to play on my husband's iPad.  So it wasn't hard to convince him that it was the perfect theme for his 9th birthday.

My thanks though, goes to Pinterest, where I got all of my ideas for the party.  You thought I came up with this stuff on my own?  No way.  Only when I have to.  I love to find amazing resources and use what they have provided, or re-create it on my own.  But the ultimate goal of this blog, is for you to save time on your parties by using the links I provide to all of these amazing websites full of ideas.

I'm an idea collector, and here's the Angry Birds party blueprint for you to follow!

Free Printable Bithday Kit | Angry BirdsThis free printable from SheryKDesigns was the biggest help to my party.  I was able to make adorable invitations without doing hardly any work!  The kit even comes with the font to make the words look just like the game.

I used this kit for the invitations, banner, and sling-shot toppers.

I just copied the same format they used for the sample invite and re-sized it for a 4x6 photo print.

I wasn't able to find many Angry Birds party supplies in stores.  What I did find was at a local party store called Zurchers, but it was being discontinued.  Apparently the big craze had already come and gone there?  I did get a pig tablecloth and yellow bird napkins there.

1.  The backdrop was a green plastic tablecloth (every single store I went to was out of light blue!), and the little cutouts and Angry Birds words were cut out from the fruit snack boxes we got at Walmart.  The banner was made from the free kit mentioned above.
2.  The cute birds on the door were made by my friend who is a teacher.  She made them for a school bulletin board, and was kind enough to loan the to me.  I love them!
3.  Self-explanatory - the napkins.
4.  The baskets of treats were for the games.  They got to pick one depending on how good they did on the game.  At the bottom you can see the edge of the pig tablecloth.

As the kids showed up, we had Angry Birds Bingo set up for them to play.  I got the idea from THIS site.  My son told me that he wanted to play Bingo, and he wanted to do Angry Birds trivia.  I combined the two by reading off trivia questions to which they had to guess which square to cover.  I put a picture on there too so we can play it at our upcoming family reunion with younger kids.
I was pretty tired from party planning when I wrote these clues, so they are quite goofy!
I created the Bingo board and cards in Photoshop Elements using clipart from THIS website (awesome!) and screenshots from the actual Angry Birds game on Google Chrome.  I'm still working on finding the link for the cute graphic at the top, so I'll post it later.  I made 12 sets of Bingo cards, so every one of them is slightly different.  This was time-consuming, but not hard once I had them created.  You could also make these in a program like Microsoft Publisher.

I got the idea for the can toss from THIS website.  We used a ball that I purchased at Walmart.  I didn't paint this one.  My daughter wants me to make sure to give credit to her and her friends for painting the cans.  Amazing job girls - thanks!  The kids got three tries to knock all of the cans down.

The pig bowling game came from THIS site.  We changed it up a bit by knocking down pigs instead of pigs knocking down colored bowling pins.  I spray painted them first, then added the faces with acrylic craft paints.  They had two tries to knock the pins down.

Both games were pretty easy and really just there to give them something else to do while they waited for their turn at the main activity.  The real Angry Birds game!
We had seen some other life-sized games on these sites HERE and HERE, but we really weren't excited about building the slingshots.  Then we saw a segment on a local talk show where they had played Angry Birds using a water balloon launcher and told where to find them.  I got this one at Big5 sporting goods for $20.  It takes three people to use it - two to hold and one to launch.  That's a big bonus for me since my two youngest boys can't do much damage with it without a helper!

I used the guidelines for painting plastic balls from the sites above.  But I had Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 primer/sealer and it worked amazingly well.  I painted the outline base coat with several layers of the white primer, then let it dry well.  The other colors were acrylic paint over the primer.  I didn't bother tracing the faces on, I just free-handed them, so they aren't perfect, but turned out pretty darn cute!  And I didn't use a sealer like the other sites suggested - and they didn't need it!  Those birds took a LOT of abuse and not a single one looks different from when I painted it.  Do make sure you have them inflated to the size you want them before painting though.  I'm pretty sure that doing it after would crack the paint.

The boxes were from kind neighbors and were painted by my teenagers.  Thanks guys!  The kids got four tries, with the four birds, to knock down the pigs and as much of the structure as they could.  They got a level 1,2, or 3 treat depending on how much they destroyed.

The top-left corner photo is of the Grandpa pig pinata (or Pigata as we like to call it).  The inspiration came from HERE.  I made it from a punch-ball I purchased a the dollar store and paper mache.  I found THIS recipe online and have used it several times.  It works really well.  This pinata used only 1/2 a batch.  My daughter did a fabulous job painting it.

Our final activity was for the birthday boy to launch the pinata.  Unfortunately it was so heavy with candy that it only went about two feet before landing on the ground with a thud.  My oldest son tried, then my husband.  It was just too heavy.  So they did the next best thing and launched it by hand about 20 feet into the air.  It took only two good landings before the kids tore into it and filled up their hands (and shirts) with candy.

Simple really.  We started the Angry Birds game on my husband's computer and put the speakers in the window.  It set the mood and made everyone want to dance along - for a while.  There's not a lot of variety to the theme song, so after a while we were just sick of it. :)  But it was fun music.

With past experience of scorching hot summer birthday parties, we found that the kids don't have much of an appetite, so we just did cupcakes, drinks and ice cream cups.  Since it was about 93 degrees outside, we also had cups and a cooler of ice water in the shade so they could stay hydrated.


Evan told me he wanted a 'fancy' cake for his birthday and proceeded to show me some very elaborate ones made of fondant sculptures that I had pinned on my Celebrations board on Pinterest.  I have yet to attempt fondant, and knew I didn't have an extra 20 hours to spend on a cake.  I did find THIS cake though, and used it as inspiration for the cake and cupcakes that I made.

It was super easy to make.  I just made a round cake (I have a tall round pan I bought in Japan that fits a whole cake mix so I don't have to deal with layers), then froze it for about an hour in the freezer.  This makes it easy to put on the crumb coat of frosting.  It's just a thin layer of icing to coat the crumbs!  Then I traced the face into the icing and outlined it with a round tip and dark chocolate icing.  I don't like to add a ton of food coloring to get black, so I always just use dark chocolate for black.  Then, using a star tip, you just fill in the design with the desired colors.  It's as easy as coloring!

The red food coloring is from AmeriColor and it is good stuff.  I have tried other brands, and will always use this brand from now on.  I bought it at Hobby Lobby.  Duncan Heinz cream cheese frosting is my favorite for taste when I don't want to take the time to make homemade icing.  It works pretty well if it doesn't get too warm while decorating.  (That's why I won't show the sides!)

The cupcakes were made in a similar way, I just skipped the outlining.  The candy eyes (love them) are from Wilton, and the beaks were made with banana Laffy Taffy.  Roll it flatter with a rolling pin, then cut with a knife.  The eyebrows are the same chocolate frosting with a large round tip.  Adorable!

I saw the idea for the bags HERE, but the download for the faces came from HERE.  I ordered the slingshots and balls from Oriental Trading Company.  They were a little pricey, but not too bad for a dozen slingshots and enough balls to give 5 each.  We put Chiclets gum, Dots, Crunch bars and Air Heads candies in with them.  Then the kids got to load up on other candies, Angry Birds fruit snacks, popsicles, and pinata candy throughout the activities and games.  Their bags were nearly overflowing by the time they left the party, and they ate a ton of it while still here!  They were pretty excited about it all though, especially the sling shots.  Hopefully I don't have any parents too angry with me over that - I did put a warning on the labels!  The labels were from the kit at the top of the post.  I modified them in Photoshop to fit my warning on them.
It was such a fun party and I thank my Mom and my family for all their help, and the wonderful ladies in the blogs mentioned in the links for their inspiration.  I hope you will do your own Angry Birds party.  If you do, you may earn the title I earned from my kids as the "Coolest Mom ever"!  Thanks guys!  You're worth it.


Charity Hassel said...

are you willing to share your bingo pdf file? I'm planning an angry bird party for my son in August. I would be so thankful if you would, charity

Lunar daughter said...

I'd be happy to share Charity. They took a lot of time to create, so I'm glad to see my hard work put to use. Love your blog and your parties.

Croasian Mama said...

Great party! Where did you find the sling shots? I can't find them anywhere...

Lunar daughter said...

Croasian Mama, thanks! Here's the link for the slingshots on Oriental Trading. http://www.orientaltrading.com/api/search?Ntt=slingshot
If you do a search, you have to type it in as one word "slingshot" for it to come up. Hopefully the link will work if you copy and paste it. Good luck!

Raelyn said...

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful party! We are having an Angry Bird party next Saturday the 30th. I have been so busy with end of the year school "stuff" that I am just now getting started. Any chance you would also want to share your Bingo file me too? I am LOVING your cake and cupcakes...how CA-UTE! It looks great and gave me much inspiration!!!

Raelyn said...

By the way...I also really like, and appreciate that you are so good about putting links to your your idea inspiration.
Thank you!

Lunar daughter said...

Glad to share Raelyn, and thanks for the nice comments. I'm the first to admit that these are usually not my ideas, so I try to provide as many links as I can. Good luck with your party.

Jamie said...

I am planning an Angry Birds birthday for my son in a couple weeks! Thank you for all the inspiration! Would you be willing to share your BINGO document? It would be a big help to me! Thanks!

e mail: jamiejodoc@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Wow!! So fun!! Way to make a memory for you kiddo's! Could I get the bingo document as well...our son's party is July 7th!! Also, did you use spray paint for your boxes?

Lunar daughter said...

I'll get the documents sent out as soon as I can to those who leave a comment with a request and an e-mail address.
If you prefer not to put your e-mail address in the comments, you can send it directly to me at cerebralblueprint{at}gmail{dot}com.

Lunar daughter said...

Carlee, yes we just used spray paint on the boxes. I just found the cheapest paint I could find at Walmart (some of it was $1.00 a can).

Sharlon said...

So glad I came across your blog in my search. My son wants an Angry Bird Party for his 7th in 3 weeks. We just moved, so I'm a little under the gun.
Anyway, I LOVE your Bingo!!!! Could you share the file with me as well? Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I love what you have done. My 5 year old bday is in sept and I would love to have your bingo idea. If its possible for you to share. Great job.
Thanks so much

janet said...

Would LOVE to have your bingo files!! What a fantastic idea!
E-mail: janet.faith@sympatico.ca
Congrats on such a beautiful party! Looks like it was a guge success!!!

amber said...

would greatly appreciate having a copy of your bingo card. thank you for your generosity! amber.hudler@gmail.com

Unknown said...

I would love a copy of your BINGO game! It's great! Thanks for all of your hard work.

tbd said...

I would love a copy of your bingo game. What a fabulous idea! My sons party is next weekend. Thanks!

jo said...

You have raised the bar! Could you please share your file with me as well? I would be happy to pay for them.


Anonymous said...

Great party! We have one on sat and I am looking for ideas - esp since they are calling for rain! :( bingo would be great and if you wouldn't mind I would live the file as well. I will email you me address. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great party!! Would love your bingo PDF... also, do you have the calling cards that you used? I am planning this party for my son's 9th bday and haven't really ever played the game, so i'm not sure Id know what to call out! LOL Also, since I'm dealing with 9 year old i want them to have to think a lil bit... :) Please share!


Anonymous said...

Great party!! I would love a copy of your bingo game also, do you have the calling cards that you used? I am planning this party for my son's 6th bday and haven't really ever played the game, so i'm not sure Id know what to call out! What a fabulous idea! My sons party is next weekend. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and creative party! My daughter is having an Angry Birds Party in a few week and it is at an indoor pool, so we can't really play the outdoor games where you get to knock things down! The Bingo game would be perfect - would you be willing to share the file with me as well? I would be most appreciative! Thanks!!!


mflake said...

Your ideas are awesome! I have a lot of outdoor activities for my son's angry birds party planned, but would love a copy of your bingo cards and calling cards in case the weather doesn't cooperate with us. Thanks so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Great work! Can I have a copy of Bingo document. It will be a big help for my son's birthday next weekend. Thanks
email: hsivivian@yahoo.com

Melanie said...

Great ideas! Good job pulling it all together~ birthday parties can be overwhelming sometimes.
Could you share your bingo file with me? melaniejanay@gmail.com

Rose said...

What amazing ideas! Games are awesome! Would you be okay to share your bingo pdf file? I'm planning an angry bird party for my son. I would be so thankful!

My email: roseandphilip@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Love your cute party ideas... Would you mind emailing me a copy of your bingo game? It is so cute and id love to use iit at my sons party. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!


Sarah Halstead said...

Awesome. Looks like a great party!! Thanks for linking to my blog. Looks like my son wants to do angry birds again! This time space. So I will be doing it all over again I think.

HeatherC said...

Oh my gosh- LOVE LOVE all your ideas-- would you mind granting one more request for your bingo file? Thank you!


Danika said...

Love all your ideas and links for the Angry Birds party. If you are still offering the bingo file, I would like to have a copy for my son's party.
Thank you so much!

Tammy said...

Fantastic ideas, if you are still offerring your bingo file I would love to have it for my son's party

cakes and cameras!! said...

I was also planning an angry bird party and love the cute bingo game. would i be able to get that too. so fun you have given me so many ideas!! thanks!!


Paula said...

Hi. My son will be turning 9 in March and has requested an ANGRY BIRD theme. Totally love and give credit to the wonderful job you did. I, as many other, would also like a copy of the bingo file if possible.

Thanking you in advance and once again great job. :)

Phylicia said...

I love what you've done. My son will be 5 in Febuary, and I would love to have your bingo idea. If its possible for you to share. Great job.
Thanks so much

Kylie said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I was working on BINGO when I stumbled upon your blog. Our party is Saturday morning, so if you happen to get this and have time, I would LOVE the Bingo game cards and the trivia cards! kylienchann@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

LOVE all your amazing ideas! Wishing it was summer so we could do the outdoor life-size game. Since it's winter here, can I please, please, PLEASE get a copy of your bingo/trivia game??? Thank you!!

Kweenee Bee said...

Thank God I stumbled across your blog. Great angry birds party ideas! My son asked for an angry birds bingo game on his birthday next week. We would be thrilled if you can share your bingo/trivia game file. Thanks so much in advance. Qteepay@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Super happy I found your web page. I too would LOVE to have the bingo document. My son is turning 5 in 4 weeks and he just changed his mine from a super hero party to Angry Birds so this would be such a help. I may just steal all you game ideas, it looked super fun!

Unknown said...

Wonderful ideas! I am also planning a 7th birthday party for my youngest, I would love it, if you could share your bingo pdf files. Thanks so much.
He is so excited!

Unknown said...

You have offered some fabulous Angry Bird party ideas. Thank you so much for sharing! I would also appreciate it if you would be willing to share your bingo game yet another time. mcrbcampbell[at]gmail[dot]com.

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great Ideas! If you are still sharing the bingo file, I'd love to get a copy at alicia_surowiec@yahoo.com

ChunkyButt said...

I am planning an angry birds party this saturday and came across your page. If possible I would love to be able to print those bingo cards as well.


Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful ideas! My twins turn 6 in a week and a half and I will be added so many of your idea to what we have started for their angry birds party. My favorite of your ideas is the slingshot pigata!! They are going to go crazy for that. Would you be kind enough to share your bingo file as well please?
Thanks, 2 for 1 Mom.

JoannePinkBird said...

can you please forward me the bing files as well? It will be a great help for my son's birthday party next week!

Lunar daughter said...

JoannePinkBird I would love to email you the file. Please leave your email address in the comments her or email me directly at birthdayblueprint{at}gmail{dot}com.

Ally said...

Would love to have the files as well. Great party!


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Ira said...

Thank you for an amazing blog. I stumbled upon it researching the idea for my daughter's party this October. She is 3 (going on 23..) and has been on an on that she wants a Hungry Bird party, she refuses to call them angry! Please could you share your brilliant bingo game - it would be great for the slightly older friends? Thanks very much and please keep on blogging i am your avid reader now.

Mama Says Dance in the Rain said...

I would love to have the bingo cards and the trivia cards if you are still willing to share. Thanks in advance for your willingness to share.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing party....just love it.my daughters 7 th birthday is next month and as in November it is very cold here so can't play outdoor games.so would you be kind enough to share your bingo and trivia game please. ...many thanks.

Anonymous said...

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